Today, environment protection is known as the main priority of all nations in the world. Threats as global warming, greenhouse effect and suspended particulates are a part of the environment destroy. Due to global joined goal on environmental protection, specific attention ,the human numerous sources effects on environment destruction ,it is very important. Recognition of sources and assessment and their effects on the environmental destruction are two basic steps. One, the sources identification which  it has been done wide studies and its international standards are applied in our country, In other words the effect of numerous sources are known. The essential problem is in the second part, exact evaluation on the effects of these sources. Evaluation of the human sources effects, there are two essential subjects. At the first sampling and then monitoring (measuring) the pollutants exactly. Air, water and soil pollutants Sampling,  are very important, the labs and the related centers are well-appointed with new technologies and standards. In the second step, professional application of  these technologies are important. So, after consideration the scientific meetings and conferences for development this subject, the ۱st Int. Conf. on Env. Pollutants Sampling and Monitoring established by University of Tehran cooperation with Environmental Protection Organization Office of Iran at March ۲۰۱۷. Due to valuable outputs of this conference we will execute the ۲nd Conference on ۳rd Nov ۲۰۱۹